Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some FIRSTS for Cohen and us too!

Cohen loves the water so we took him for his first swim lesson yesterday. He did so good! Teacher said he knows how to 'Scoop' really well! :) More singing and playing than learning, but I think both Rob and Cohen had a blast!

Scoop, Scoop, Scoop, swim, swim, swim......

Cohen's hair was growing so fast and long... this is he 'BEFORE' picture..
(and no, those aren't bows in his hair it's a little bear sitting on his crib. This was taken with my phone so it's a little fuzzy.. but he woke up from his nap with 'rock star' hair and we laughed so hard I cried... made a hair appt. that day!)

Sitting in the yellow car chair!

And..... the first cut! He did so good.. just played with the steering wheel!

Lookin' good...

And.... The AFTER picture.. such a big boy! he looks so much older to me!

As for the Rob and I... our busy winter has come to an end. Wine tasting in Walla Walla, Christmas at the Lake, a ski trip to Schweitzer, and a 30th b-day trip to Hawaii! Ahhhh.. now I feel like I can just enjoy being pregnant and roll around and play with Cohen before the belly gets tooooo big! We are really looking forward to our March 8th doctor appt. (5 month ultrasound).. and we've decided to find out the gender of our new baby! I just can't wait.. everyone is guessing girl! So stay tuned....

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