Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall!! My favorite time of year!

Cohen going through the Corn Maze!! He kept asking Daddy "are we lost?" (We were...several times!)

Claire taking a pumpkin break!

On the Tractor!

Being Silly!

Headed to the Beaver Game!

Ready to Cheer!

Tailgating with Dad!

Playing at the Gym!

Aspyn and Cohen playing on the motor cycle..notice the driver has a bandaide on her forehead... second guessing her driving skills!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Summer...

I can't believe it's almost the end of August... Some snap shots of our summer..

Enjoying 'Music at the Park'

Having Icecream at Gram Pearls house with Kendyl & Aspyn

Family Pic in Newport, CA

Fun at the Beach

Beach Boy

Cohen got to sit on and IN the Fire Truck at the Farmers Market

Claire Turned 1!!!

Cohen enjoying CJ's b-day cake too!

Claire's 'CHEEEEESSEE' Face

Just can't get enough of her little smiles!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Much needed update!

It's been awhile since I've updated! We've taken a trip to Montana! Had a fun Easter, Cohen turned 2! Claire is 10 months old, crawling around everywhere... and we swear will be walking any day now!

Trip to Lolo, MT with Auntie Crystal and Cousins Kendyl & Aspyn to see MeMe and PaPa

CJ Loves bathtime! She has since gotten her two top teeth!

Birthday cupcake!!

Playing at his b-day party!! "On your mark, get set... GO" (except he 'goes' on the 'get set' part!) As you can see everyone else waiting along the wall for GO.

More games! Dad joined in on this one!


This was our attempt once again to get them to pose for a picture together!

Getting ready to hunt eggs!

Cohen got some eggs!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2010

Aaahhh.. Christmas morning!! Cohen woke up to a stocking stuffed with Elmo toys, airplanes, books and of course socks! He spotted Elmo sticking out the top almost imediatley after waking up! Claire also had a big stocking full of hair bows, tiny books and socks! It was fun to watch Cohen open his gifts this year... Took us forever to open them all since he had to play with each and every toy, read each book, and study every little package in between! He helped 'sissy', as he calls her, open all hers as well! I can tell he will be more than a big help next year when she can do it herself!

Here we are trying to capture Christmas morning in their Pajamas! I wanted Cohen to hold Claire.. thought it would be SO CUTE.

As you can see.... it's not working out so well. Poor Claire is such a trooper though! Always willing to stick it out till I get the perfect shot!

Aaahh got one! This one will do!

CJ is 5 months old and now has TWO bottom teeth.. you can barely see them in this picture. She still has a big gorgeous dimple in her left cheek! Her little giggles and big teethy smiles just melt our hearts!

Cohen is 20 months old and changes everyday. He loves to dance, play ball, wrestle with dad, play with trucks and trains.... This is his new 'cheese' smile with a bit of slobber to go with :)

And can't forget the Santa Picture this year!

And had to throw in last years just to compare!! He liked Santa last year!