Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

Claire is 3 months old! She LOVES to smile, but I can't catch a picture of it! She has a beautiful big demple when she does smile!

Cohen can't wait to run with the pumpkins!

Tractor ride to the pumpkin patch
Dad and CJ


Found one!

And off to the hay maze!

He loves his car.. and glasses!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

1 month old already!

Claire is 1 month old already! I never even got around to posting her newborn pictures on our blog.. but here are a few shots of her now! And one of her and Cohen in the hospital!

Family Photo!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Catching Up!

2 months have flown by since Cohen turned 1! He started full on walking on May 25th.. and hasn't stopped since! I have the best video on my camera, but I'm just not 'saavy' enough to figure out how to post it. Cohen is so much fun right now.. so happy all the time, loves his 'da da' and 'duh' (dog), and I believe 'Ma Ma' means mom and more. Oh and can't forget 'What's That'! He points at EVERYTHING 20 times and says 'what's that'. He says 'Hot'.. which can also mean, hat, and hi! We have also discovered he is a dancing machine!! We plan on getting video of that ASAP! It never gets old and he'll do it at the faintest sound of music! We love it!

As for Rob and I... our baby girl is coming VERY soon. 3-4 more weeks! Still no name to announce..we're having the hardest time deciding. Might wait to see what she looks like!

Here are a few pictures from our summer so far this year..

Cohen all dressed up!! Ready to party at Cousin Kaila's wedding in Baker City.

Brower Family

Kendyl and Aspyn escorting Cohen to the reception

My good lookin' guys all dressed up!

And of course a stop off at Gram Pearls house to stretch our legs! Checkin' out the peacocks on the farm. Cohen also discovered raspberries in Grandma's garden... and hasn't stopped eating them since!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cohen Turns 1!


Oh.. this isn't soooo bad!

Cohen's BIG Cake for his guests!

Scored a new car.. or two! Yes he got two cars!! (Thanks Aunt Jennifer & Jeremy!)
Taking a ride on his new bike with MeMe! (Thanks Cousin Steve & Steph!)


Not sure if this is a 'GET ME OUTTA HERE' face.. or I'm having FUN face!

Cohen's (and dad's) attempt at the Truck Pinata

Dad's gift.. a Motorcycle.. He loved it till we put the batteries in!


He loved the Bubble Machine!! And standing all by himself! But still not walking!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Cohen will have a little SISTER!!

Trip to the Ukiah Cabin!
Kendyl & Cohen getting warm by the fire!

PaPa & MeMe with all their grandkids!

Aspyn Lovin' on Cohen! She can't walk past him with a hug or a kiss!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some FIRSTS for Cohen and us too!

Cohen loves the water so we took him for his first swim lesson yesterday. He did so good! Teacher said he knows how to 'Scoop' really well! :) More singing and playing than learning, but I think both Rob and Cohen had a blast!

Scoop, Scoop, Scoop, swim, swim, swim......

Cohen's hair was growing so fast and long... this is he 'BEFORE' picture..
(and no, those aren't bows in his hair it's a little bear sitting on his crib. This was taken with my phone so it's a little fuzzy.. but he woke up from his nap with 'rock star' hair and we laughed so hard I cried... made a hair appt. that day!)

Sitting in the yellow car chair!

And..... the first cut! He did so good.. just played with the steering wheel!

Lookin' good...

And.... The AFTER picture.. such a big boy! he looks so much older to me!

As for the Rob and I... our busy winter has come to an end. Wine tasting in Walla Walla, Christmas at the Lake, a ski trip to Schweitzer, and a 30th b-day trip to Hawaii! Ahhhh.. now I feel like I can just enjoy being pregnant and roll around and play with Cohen before the belly gets tooooo big! We are really looking forward to our March 8th doctor appt. (5 month ultrasound).. and we've decided to find out the gender of our new baby! I just can't wait.. everyone is guessing girl! So stay tuned....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Catching up!

Cohen and Alli play so good together! Cohen is all over the place and loves to follow his dog everywhere! He crawls like a mad man (most recently to Rob when we returned from our trip to Hawaii... it was the fastest and cutest thing we've ever seen! He was so excited to see 'da da') And look at those teeth!! He is almost 9 months old!

Some Christmas pictures... we took a walk on the FROZEN lake! so scary! but managed a smile for the camera!
Cohen in his 'BIG BROTHER' t-shirt.. It's official.. he will be a big brother in late July!

Opening his first gift on Christmas morning... and of course loved the paper more than anything else!

Family photo on Christmas!

Uncle Ryan made this very special chair for Cohen!

MeMe & PaPa Brower stopped by for some pre-Christmas fun!

We took off for a few days on a short ski trip to Schweitzer Mountain.. so pretty!