Monday, June 28, 2010

Catching Up!

2 months have flown by since Cohen turned 1! He started full on walking on May 25th.. and hasn't stopped since! I have the best video on my camera, but I'm just not 'saavy' enough to figure out how to post it. Cohen is so much fun right now.. so happy all the time, loves his 'da da' and 'duh' (dog), and I believe 'Ma Ma' means mom and more. Oh and can't forget 'What's That'! He points at EVERYTHING 20 times and says 'what's that'. He says 'Hot'.. which can also mean, hat, and hi! We have also discovered he is a dancing machine!! We plan on getting video of that ASAP! It never gets old and he'll do it at the faintest sound of music! We love it!

As for Rob and I... our baby girl is coming VERY soon. 3-4 more weeks! Still no name to announce..we're having the hardest time deciding. Might wait to see what she looks like!

Here are a few pictures from our summer so far this year..

Cohen all dressed up!! Ready to party at Cousin Kaila's wedding in Baker City.

Brower Family

Kendyl and Aspyn escorting Cohen to the reception

My good lookin' guys all dressed up!

And of course a stop off at Gram Pearls house to stretch our legs! Checkin' out the peacocks on the farm. Cohen also discovered raspberries in Grandma's garden... and hasn't stopped eating them since!